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  • Our Story

    Rockwell Masks was founded
    by lifelong artist William Rockwell in 2015, creating exclusively hardened
    vegetable tanned leather masks and using primarily self-taught techniques and
    practices. As a growing number of customers were in need of custom and one off designs created by hand, our techniques, materials and product
    line are also consistently expanding in an effort to always provide next level gear, fitting for every need.

  • Our Mission

    We have just one burning
    vision: elevate the confidence of the wearer, while enhancing the experience
    and enjoyment of those around them with every piece we create. Whether you are
    a future WWE or AEW Champion, a master cosplayer, a costume enthusiast or just need a simple mask for an upcoming party, we devote the same level of care and attention to every project we create.

  • Our Customers

    We have had the great honor
    and privilege to work with customers from around the globe and our work has been seen worn by wrestling superstars, television and film productions, on store shelves such as Zitomer, and even recreated into action figures. In working with such a wide breadth of customers, we have truly been given a grand opportunity to learn and adapt with what helps make our accessories fitting for even the biggest stages.

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Want Something Custom? Have Questions or Comments for us? Let us know below - we look forward to hearing from you

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