There's that song again. Oh, it's time to get up. Just 5 more minutes. Oh, you put your phone far away so you have to get out of bed to wake up. Fine, waking up. Alarm off. 

Downstairs to make some coffee, then off to work. Finally starting to wake up. I don't feel well, but that's probably from the lack of sleep and coffee without food. You're fine. 

Stay focused, get a lot done, and do it well. Okay, what's on my task list for today? Focus. That's a lot, I hope I get it all done today. Just get started - this task is easy, don't stress. Take it one task at a time. Deep breath. 

This is urgent, get this task done now. But it's not on the list - just work a little harder to make up for it. Don't forget to call this person, they need answers. Getting a little tired now, time for a new coffee, and back to work. 

Time for the day's first meeting. Hello, how are you? Oh, you're angry. I'm sorry, let me try and fix that. Call's over, get some work done. It's just a spreadsheet, get it done and move on. Stop staring at the blank cells, you know what to do, just do it. Where to start? I don't know, just start. You've done tasks like this 100 times, just do it. 

Oh, got it, now I know what to do. Time to get it done. But your next meeting is in 5 minutes. Better prepare for that. Meeting went well, back to work. 

Wow, the day really flew past. Nearly everything is done, just wrap up before the end of the day.

It's getting pretty late. Suns been down a while now. Finally off work. Whew, made it through another day. 

Don't get too excited, it's time to get back to work. But I am excited, I get to work on my passion now. My obsession. I better start off by preparing my next social post. Did I word that right, did I give proper credit? Do people even care what you're posting, or are you just getting annoying? No, you're fine. Just share it, and move on to the next task.

Okay, the list is pretty long, just start. Start at the top, and move down. Paint, then shape, oh and do not forget to design this one tonight. It's due this week. Oh man, that's a tight timeline. We got this. Save the panic for another day. Don't forget - you've dreamed about this kind of stress since you were a kid.

Wow, people really seem to be enjoying my creations. I feel really grateful, and it is so exciting. Hold on to that feeling, and turn out some masks quickly. Stay positive, stay focused. Do not waiver, do not fall. Stand tough. 

You really need to schedule family time. How long has it been? Everyone seems so understanding. I miss everyone though. Next month - it's happening next month no matter what. You said that last month... Think about it tomorrow, you've got to get work done. 

Did I eat? Seems I forgot, better quickly eat something. 

Making good progress tonight, I seem to have got a good amount done. Oh wow, it's late. Or at this point is it early? I don't know, but it's time for bed. Do another quick check of your progress today before it's too late, and make sure you haven't made any mistakes. Oh better fix this really quick, it'll only take a minute. 

Really late now. Go to bed. Charge your phone, and go to bed. 

There's that song again.